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Lea Thomas High Performance Results Coach sitting on cream sofa wearing navy jacket and jeans and smiling at camera

Your Dream Life Starts Here

Be More - Do More - Have More 

You are capable of so much more than you currently think, with the right tools and accountability you can have anything you truly desire.


With Lea you understand who you really are and realise that there really is a way to tap into what you really are capable of, leaving behind any and all limiting beliefs and start getting the results you really want in life and business.

Lea offers events, transformational facilitated programs, products and One on One coaching packages, all based on decades of research, study and application.

Live the Life You Really Want

understand that

Life Really does Happen For You

  • No longer feel frustrated as you begin to attain what you desire as easy as others seem to. 

  • Do you feel in your heart that there is more for you?

  • Do you want to control how you live rather than the economy other people and out side circumstances?

  • Are you ready to choose the life you really want?

There is a whole new level of life waiting for you!  If you are willing and able to take consistent action, then you can choose to turn your Thinking into Results learning how to work less and earn more, your success will become predictable!

Top Performers and Professionals Invest in Themselves!

Understand that the biggest difference between successful people and those
who are forever left wanting and blaming circumstance is that:
“Successful people take the action in spite of their fears.”

They are willing to invest the time, the money, and they find both because the decision has been made and the circumstances are made.  

If you want different results, you need to ignite change at the level where your results are created in the first place. 

You need to change your mind!

Be Honest and Truthful.


Are you ready to invest in yourself? Do you truly believe in your goal? Are you committed to losing past  limiting beliefs and creating new empowering beliefs and habits to achieve what you really want? If you are, and you do the work, Lea guarantees that you will achieve your chosen believable goals.

Meet Lea

High Performance Results Coach and Speaker

Lea is a High Performance Results Coach and a ‘Thinking Into Results’ Consultant trained and mentored by Bob Proctor's 'PGI'. 

Lea has learned from the best in the industry, including Coaching with 'RRI' Tony Robbins and his clients, and today is one of Bob Proctor’s and Sandy Gallagher’s PGI consultants working with clients globally. 

Lea is passionate about helping people realise their potential and achieve their goals. 

Lea Thomas standing Outside Lifestyle image looking into the distance wearing a navy blue suit with blue sky in background
PGC Certified Consultant Badge

What I Specialise In

Crushing Limiting Beliefs

Transformational Results

Create Lasting Change

Achieving your Goals & Dreams

Motivational Speaking

Lea Thomas High Performance Life Coaching at the Fairmont Hotel outside grounds with sunsetting in sky

"I am committed to providing you with understanding, accountability, and the tools for making positive life-changing results. After all, you deserve the best."

“I was impressed how quickly I have accessed deep sources of pain, fuelling limiting beliefs that was holding me back personally & professionally.


Having someone blow the lid of limits I had unconsciously set myself!”

- Alison Morris

“Somehow Lea is able to identify so much from my voice and tease out those difficult topics and emotions with ease, uncovering blind spots and reframing old limiting beliefs.


Business and personal life are at a whole new level.”

- Mick Taylor

“Lea is an amazing character and it's refreshing to see that he genuinely cares about people! Lea really takes the time to listen to your story and know if something is truly holding you back just by having a conversation.”

- Kate Jackson

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