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Meet Lea

Certified Life Coach, Public Speaker & Consultant

Lea often jokes with people about the spelling of his name, came about because his mum and dad use to date by the river Lea in Hertfordshire. 

Lea grew up on a council estate just north of London surrounded by good people, but money was always tight, and he often found himself in trouble with the police. He was also exposed to the damage being done to people by drugs experiencing first hand with a family member, who suffered greatly by prescribed medications, and barbaric treatments of the day. As a youngster Lea was constantly in and out of trouble with the police until eventually, he received 8 months complementary free accommodation, which was the catalyst for teenage Lea to change his life's direction.

Lea is someone who not only turned is life around he got curious to why people got the results they got, and pursued that curiosity with a passion; after being made redundant from is childhood dream job of working on oil rigs in the 1980's and starting a career in the finical service industry where a chance meeting with Bob Patmore did the answers start to come. Lea's introduction to personal development. 

Like a lot of people Lea lost everything in 2008 and started from scratch, not allowing this hiccup define him. Always looking forward and up beat a whole new level of learning began, with the unconditional support from is wife Dolores, of 33 years a new chapter began.

Now with over 40 years of study in everything the Personal Development market has to offer, Lea has learned how to change from within and is committed to sharing proven ideas and processes with people that, like himself, are willing and able to lose their self-limiting beliefs and turn their dreams into reality. 


Lea’s career has spanned running a large sales force to closing multi-million-pound contracts and developing several profitable businesses.  He is living proof from the way he looks, acts, and feels every day.  He lives a fun healthy financially abundant life and wants to help others to live life on their own terms too. 


The moment you understand 'Why' your life is as it is, and that you are in control of the results, you will understand why Lea absolutely believes that you can have whatever you really want, and why he so passionate about what he does and why he wants you to live a life you really want. 

Lea Thomas and Bob Proctor coaching standing side by side
Lea Thomas high flying in an orange helicoptor in the countryside
Lea & Delores Thomas on the grounds of Fairmont Hotel bridge with sunset sun burst in background
Lea Thomas Coaching - Reflection off the mirror
Lea Thomas Coach Lifestyle shot with Lea standig next to his silver Porsche car
Lea Thomas Thinking Into Results coaching session

Lea's Thinking into Results program

Have you made the decision to live the life you choose? 

Lea facilitates the Thinking Into Results programme over a 24-week period. You will learn the proven ways of achieving. It really is possible to be, to do, and to have all you really want. 


Your journey begins by starting the conversation.  

Your current thinking has got you here today. Your new thinking will inspire the action needed to take you to the next chapter of your wonderful life.

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