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How to Make Your Dreams Your Reality

“If you don’t have a dream, how are you going to make a dream come true?”

We can do so much more than we give ourselves credit for. (my self included) We have an incredible, unlimited resource available to us. In fact, it shocks most people when they begin finding out just how much can be achieved. Unfortunately for most they never get introduced to the thing that opens their mind to what is their within them to create a life on their own terms, and they see out their remaining years saying " If only I had tried"

You really are capable of so much more than you current think and believe you are. And one of the main reasons for this is happening, as Bob Proctor always reminds us in his work, is that we was gradual over a period of time in school, constantlyl told to stop day dreaming! And eventually we did, we stopped using the wonderful unrestricted imagination, that place as a child where anything was possible.

You will often hear lots of people say 'the only limitations we have are the ones we set in our own mind' it's true! Most people don't understand how much potential they have, so they limit their future wants to the level at which they know they can achieve.

Leaving them to go through life getting buy, feeling unfulfilled even though they may have good incomes, nice things, they know in their heart, in their souls that there's more for them.

Sadly most people stop dreaming and give up on there real wants and desires never investigating how they can turn there dreams into reality like thousand's upon thousands do each year, at every age from 18 to 80+.

Here are just four considerations I encourage you to study and put in place in your life as you begin to set – and achieve – your goals in the year ahead.

1) Use Your Imagination & Dream Big! Zig Ziglar use to say that "the biggest nation in the world was our Imagination".

It's so true, just look at what's become possible because people used their imagination and dared to dream, Imagination it's one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Dreaming as I mentioned earlier is to often verbally kicked out of us as children. We’re told, instead, to start paying attention! Remember, it was only a dream that freed black people from slavery. It was only a dream to send a man to the moon. It was only a dream that rightly so gave ladies the power to vote. Only a dream? Dreams are one of the most powerful forces known to man. Remember, every major accomplishment started with a dream.

At a leading university in the United States, a study was conducted to evaluate the power of dreams and necessity of dreams. The participants were attached to brainwave monitoring devices. The machines would indicate exactly when the patients began dreaming. Whenever a person began dreaming, he or she would be awakened, interrupting these thoughts and dreams. The results came as such a shock to the team that, after 7 days, they had to abandon the project because of the serious effects on the participants when they were not allowed to dream. Dreaming is a Natrual part of being human and a very important part of our lives, as the tests showed.

Checkout the article in Scientific American to get an even better understanding.

Dreaming is essential to mental health. It is even more important to the person who desires more of the good life.

Anyone who truly wants to open the world of wealth must become a master of using their imagination a certified dreamer!

2) Understand that all you need is within you to overcome your challenges. Current beliefs and focusing on what's not right creates more of what's not right!

Think about it, 'where focus goes energy flows, and it becomes your world'.

What you focus on grows, you get more of it, you won’t even get off the mark until you make some strong disciplined decisions about focusing on what you do want, with discipline you will begin to respond rather than react to these deadly habits.

Think of others you have seen get really excited about some goal or dream. They start planning and working things out, then the little voice starts going off, reminding them what happened last time they tried, and wants them to give up because they fear it might fail again. That's nuts! Failure is an indicator of what doesn't work,'that's all' its a signal to adapt and try something different, its part of the process of getting what you want, it creates personal growth. You've got to be learning new things; things you didn't know before if it wasn't that way, it wouldn't be a very exciting goal would it!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the trap of stinking thinking. Guys acknowledge when it turns up, and decide to refocus , on what you want, whats good and great about the goal your going for, remind yourself of the 'Why" your purpose.

Never give up on your goal, 'Try, fail' and adjust changing and try again trying different things until you get to your chosen goal. Don’t let anyone steel your dreams or stop you, because you know inside that the goal is yours!

3) Recognize the stories that try to keep you from your goals. As you work toward your goal, understand these Goal-Sabotaging Hurdles so that you will recognize them for what they are – mere hurdles.

The Circumstance Have you ever thought about how many great ideas never get up and running because people let circumstances and other peoples opinions stop them in their tracks. Crazy things like the idea of not having the time, the money, or the people to bring the idea into reality?

People you've got to start creating the circumstance you need if they're not there! Seriously take no notice of what others say, they have know idea of what your capable of. Start right now creating the life of those amazing dreams, life on your terms. It doesn’t matter what you may THINK is missing – believe me it’s all there for you. Has you hold the image of your goal in your mind already attained, with that burning desire you will attract everyone and everything you need for the fulfilment of that goal. You are like a magnet.

Refuse to focus on what's not there. It sounds nuts initially I know, but If your goal is big enough, the money, time, and help will all appear. Remember, the mind is like a Polaroid camera. (you remember those right) It sees an image – in this case your dream image – and produces the physical equivalent.

The Uncomfortable Story People often give up on their big goal because they know they will have to stretch. which for the most part, is emotionally painful so they cut loose the great idea or goal. If you are to win and win big in life, you will have to learn how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and be flexible. Comfort zone's are stages of life created by previous conditioning. The new focus here is to be willing to grow and to change. Succeeding at new things in life will have you do things that are uncomfortable. By doing it anyway you'll discover it was never as uncomfortable as you thought to start with. Always remember that when it raises it head, it's never as uncomfortable as you initially imagined. Achieving the chosen goal is the important thing, not whether you did it your way or not. The plan will always change!

The Trust the Process Story When Columbus set sail, did he have the whole picture? When you placed a deposit to buy your first house, or first big purchase did you really know you could afford it? Nope! Most people don't go after their real wants and desires because they don’t know exactly how they're going to achieve them. They not sure of all the how's and when's, so they don't even start after it. If you already new, you'd be doing it, right! Keep focused on what you really want, try new things and keep ideas flowing, giving them time to grow. The how and when will come, believe me we work with the laws of nature in all we do, no different to planting a seed, if you keep digging it to see if its growing, (not trusting the process) it's never going to get a chance to do it's thing with nature, its going to remain a lifeless seed, just like your your dream, just because you don’t know exactly how the whole thing will pan out you panic or even worse don't even try, you have to trust in nature and the gifts you have to create all that's needed to achieve your dream goals will turn up.

The Success Hurdle People fear failure … but many also fear success. As human beings, our very nature is to be afraid of that which we do not understand. The reason many fear success is due to the fact that they have never experienced it. You will often hear these people say, “Money will make you greedy and evil,” when in truth, money has nothing to do with it. Poor and rich alike suffer from greed and/or evil behaviour. All money and success does is amplify who you are!

People will pressure you to reject an idea or goal because there may be something wrong with it. There’s something wrong with every good idea. These people are conditioned to follow the masses I use to wonder what’s wrong with these folks? The truth is they're just ignorant to the magic that's inside of them that nature responds to! (we are all ignorant to something, that's ok, that gives us opportunity to learn.

Let’s keep focused on the goal, even with it's journeys imperfections start turning up. So you don’t have the whole solution today, so what? Our good friend, Dr. Robert Schuller, said it best: “There are no problems, there’s only a shortage of ideas.”

The Impossible Hurdle Nothing is impossible! Erase that word from your vocabulary. Thomas Edison was branded as being “slow” by his teachers. He left school after only three months of formal education. He burned down his father’s barn and used to sit on eggs to try to make them hatch. He was branded a misfit by society, yet he went on to become one of the greatest inventors of all time, creating over 1,000 inventions including the electric light, phonograph and movie camera.

People are limited by their own beliefs. They give up because they perceive something is impossible. Edison was told it couldn't be done, he didn't listening went and invented a light bulb anyway! William Harley & Arthur Davidson never gave up on their dream of motorised bike, and it all came together for them in spite of others believing they couldn't, their unknown help came with the other two Davidson brothers stepped up, and today 120 years on there a simple of success for many. They told Alexander Graham Bell that he could not create the telephone, but he did it. While one person is deciding why something will not work, another is making it work!

The Hard Work Hurdle Never reject an idea, dream or goal simply because it will be hard work. Success rarely comes without it. The thing is to keep the idea alive long enough to be able to devote enough energy and/or resources toward the goal to see it comes to pass.

The world of welfare and broken dreams is full of people who refuse to advance themselves because they won’t work hard. If you want to move ahead and design the life you want, then stick with it and keep moving forward, one action at a time.

All too often, people abandon their goals because of the work it requires at the beginning. Reaching a goal is like pushing a snowball at the start. You push and push at the start, and then it takes shape until you make it so big that the snowballs momentum starts to roll all on its own.

4) Understand the difference between goal setting vs. goal achieving. Stop for a moment and consider the world of difference between goal setting and goal achieving. I think both are necessary but people rarely understand the vast difference between the two.

Goal setting is largely an intellectual process of determining the direction of your goals. It involves using your mental faculties to create a picture on the screen of your mind.

Goal achieving is the process of getting emotionally involved in that idea and moving in the direction of that picture through your actions.

Here are some practical action steps you can take today to move the mental picture of your goal into practical form:

  • Identify a major goal that is challenging and emotional to you. By that, I mean a goal that you are genuinely excited about.

  • Write the date for the attainment of your goal.

  • Choose a goal that you’ve never achieved before. To set a goal to lose 20 pounds in 90 days is not a goal if you’ve achieved this same goal in the past.

  • Develop a specific plan for attaining your goal.

  • Make a list of people, organizations and publications that might assist you in achieving your goal.

  • Begin thinking, feeling, and acting as if you already have the goal in your possession. This is where real dreaming comes in!

  • Consider solely how the goal can be reached; refuse to accept, even for a second, that is cannot be reached. Retreat is not an option.

  • Carry your goal with you on a Goal Card and read it several times each day.

If you could have anything you wanted in life, what would it be? If you could do anything you wanted, or be whatever you wanted, what would you choose?

Understand this: You can have, do or be, anything you want! It’s a choice and it’s your choice. Begin today!

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